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This is an informal, likely incomplete, list of work items for the Wiki. If you see something that you would like to complete, feel free to do so, and remove it from the list once you're done! Make sure you are following all Wiki Guidelines as you work.


• An image of a weapon canister should probably be there.
• An image of a unique weapon may be good too.
• DPS for each weapon type


• Wait for rework


• Page missing
• Needs images
• Kleines' shop
• Should probably make a dedicated Kleines page
• Furnishings could use more details
• Hub NPC dialogue
• If anyone has any Notes about this floor, they could be added add the bottom
• Notes
• Notes
• Notes
• Images would likely be useful to have here
• Completed temple map
• Seals in the center room


• Missing some loop/hard mode effects
• Editorial corrections/fact checking
• Probably want to add images of Aegis'
• I *think* I uploaded them but was having a difficult time making them look good on the page. Please check before re-uploading.


• Literally everything needs work lol
• We can refine the checklist here as the work fleshes itself out more.
• Identify who created each mini-boss


• Missing attack descriptions & gifs for:
• Nightmare
• Ordinator
• Reactor
• Special Offer
• Renegade
• God bless whoever documents the different difficulties of microcore.
• We should put out word that we need seeds that have microcore at different floors, so we can directly compare the difficulty per floor.
• Depending on how the boss rush treats microcore, it may be best to wait till then.
• Queue Nick joking about how the page won't be completed until 3022, in that case.
• Label each boss' infobox with who created them.
• Enemy infobox will need to be updated to include this information, if it hasn't been already.

Rooms Page

• Explain and list the different room pools (like how danger rooms, shortcuts, secret rooms, etc. all have their own distinct sets of room layouts).
• Need to figure out the Enigma item pool.
• I think I have all the possible items documented

New Page Proposals

• Ranks page (s rank requirements, what counts as a "hit", etc.)
• Kleines page (all shop items and prices, advice/gossip dialogue)
• Conduit Floor page (the one between floor 6 and 7)
• I think some room types should have their own pages:
• Weapon Troves
• Shrines
• Reliquaries
• Breachstones/Breaches
• maybe more idk
• I feel like most of the sections in basic mechanics could have dedicated pages instead

General Wiki Stuff

• A general check across all pages for tone and language consistency would be a good idea.
• I'm keeping a second checklist of stuff to change once The Update drops, I'll add it here when the time comes.