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Kleines portrait1.png "I can never get used to the topography of this place. Shouldn't be too much trouble for you, though. *sigh*"
Rooms as shown on the Mini-map

Each floor consists of an interconnected series of rooms. They are shown as squares on the map. The player can teleport between explored rooms by opening their map and selecting the room to which they wish to travel.

Most rooms consist of enemies and traps. When the player enters, all exits will lock if there are any enemies inside the entered room and the player will be forced to defeat all enemies in the room in order to leave. Upon defeating the enemies, the doors will unlock and there is a chance that a Pickup will generate as a reward. The color of basic rooms depends on how much health the player has, with green, yellow, and red signifying high, low, and critically low health respectively. Uncleared Rooms will have darker shades of these colors, while cleared Rooms will have lighter shades.

In addition to these average rooms, there are a variety of special rooms that are listed below.

Most rooms have different icons when they have been completely used, such as buying out Shops and using Upgrade terminals.

Essential Rooms

All of these rooms must be entered to finish a floor.

MapMinibossS.png Mini-Boss Rooms

Mini-Boss rooms contain Mini-Bosses specific to the floor, orbited by a ring of runes, which must be defeated to access the boss and to delve deeper in the facility. The amount of Mini-Bosses that need to be defeated varies based on how far into the Facility you are.

You will be offered a choice between 20% Ammo or +1 HP, regardless of your health value. The Temple Floor has its own rules surrounding Mini-Bosses, which can be found on its page.

MapBossS.png Boss Rooms

Only one Boss room will generate on a floor. The Boss Room will be mostly empty, except for a large sealed exit at the north side of the room. This exit will be protected by runes, with a number of layers signifying how many more Mini-Bosses must be defeated to break the defensive rune Shield. No room can generate directly north of the Boss Room.

Once all Mini-Bosses have been defeated, the player may destroy the exit seal to fight one of the floor's bosses. After defeating the boss, the northern exit will open to an elevator leading to the next floor, with the exception of some final bosses which will simply end the run upon their defeat.

Defeating a boss rewards the player with the following, in most cases:

The boss will give the player a choice between a 5% Damage pickup or a +2 HP Pickup.

Non-Essential Rooms

These rooms are not a requirement for beating a floor, but it is encouraged to enter them, as most of these rooms contain helpful pickups or weapons.

MapTroveS.png Weapon Trove

Weapon Troves contain a large glass canister that can be broken to create 1-3 (Described content requires Relics of the Past DLCUp to 6 with Cartridges) linked Weapons, each with two Keywords. On floor 1, Kleines can appear sitting on the top of troves.

The number of spawned weapons will by default be 2, but there are two separate 10% chances to modify that number. The first, if successful, reduces the number of spawned weapons by 1, but increases the number of Keywords on the spawned Weapon(s) from 2 to 3. The second chance simply increases the number of spawned Weapons by one. If both effects happen, then as expected, 2 Weapons with 3 Keywords each will spawn.

Before all other modifications, there is a 1% chance to spawn Unique weapons instead. If this happens, no other chances are rolled. If the Weapons are not unique, there is an additional 2% chance that the spawned weapons will be blessed, after which everything will proceed as normal. There are also ways to increase the amount of weapons spawned outside of the chances rolled for each individual Trove. The Treasure Trove Cartridge adds 1 weapon to troves, and hacking a trove using the Plug Cartridge adds 2 weapons, up to a hypothetical 6 with both cartridges.

Only applies when playing as Chaos Troves always give a choice between 1 HP and 50% ammo. If upgraded by the Treasure Trove or Plug Cartridges, they instead offer 2 HP or 100% ammo, and if both cartridges are used, they offer 3 HP or 20% max ammo.

MapSecretS.png Secret Room

Kleines portrait1.png "Some walls down there are pretty thin. Give them a good knock with a Bomb and they might just tumble down. And behind them... who knows?"

Secret rooms are identified on the map via their yellow color and a question mark icon. Unlike other rooms, they are not automatically added to the map when in a room adjacent to them and, most of the time, must be revealed and opened by using a bomb in an adjacent room.

Secret rooms always contain some sort of pickup or weapon, though the quality is variable.

The player can locate secret rooms fairly reliably by observing gaps in the map that touch three or four walls of various rooms, with each wall touching the gap being a single tile in depth or having no enemies that spawn close to it. Alternatively, if the player finds or buys a Map, the secret room will be revealed alongside the rest of the floor.

MapShopS.png Shop

Kleines portrait1.png "I've got some associates running Shop down there. See if you can find them, give them my regards. If you need something special, though, check by me."
Bloke showing off his wares.

In shops, players can trade debris or sometimes HP in exchange for a variety of possible pickups and weapons. There are several shop types, but the most common will provide the player with three choices consisting of pickups (varying in quality) or weapons.

Shops are indicated on the map via an icon of a large exclamation point, and at least one is guaranteed to spawn per floor, unless replaced by a Shrine. There cannot be two of the same type of shop on the same floor (with the exception of Temple shops). Shops will not generate on Floor 6 unless the player is in possession of the Cool Sunglasses cartridge.


Kleines portrait1.png "Did you find one of those Shrines? Was there once, something about it really spooked me. Couldn't shake the feeling that thing was watching me."

Shrines contain a large statue offering one benefit in exchange for one downside. Shrines are marked with a large exclamation mark and can replace shops. The cost is linked to the benefit, and a list of deals is below.

  • "Gain 20% damage, but halves your current health." This does not affect max HP.
  • "Gain 6 power bombs, but lose a max bomb." A max bomb in this case is the amount of bombs you can regenerate up to.
  • "More rooms this floor, fight one more Mini-Boss this floor." Several grey rooms will appear, but there will be one more Mini-Boss on this floor that must be defeated. It drops pickups as normal.
  • "Lose your current weapon, but save it for the next floor." The weapon sacrificed will appear in the starting room of the next floor.
  • "Lose all your held bombs, and gain HP for each." Lose every bomb you're carrying, and gain 1 HP for each bomb lost.
  • "Spawn a random unique weapon, no more weapon rooms." Weapon trove rooms will no longer generate on entered floors.
  • "Your current weapon has its ammo set to 400%, but Max ammo is halved." This is the only way for a weapon's current ammo to exceed its maximum amount. Note that that the 400% ammo is affected by max ammo being halved, so this effect is much weaker than it appears, only granting 200% ammo compared to your max ammo before the trade.
  • "Gain a random upgrade, lose a random upgrade." Whichever upgrade is lost can't appear again in future upgrade terminals. Some upgrades, such as Artifact and Plating, have no effect when lost.
  • "Unlock a Seal, Face Death." This deal is unique in that it starts a boss fight. When you defeat the Renegade, you will get a Seal. This option is only available after defeating Overlord and is no longer available after claiming the seal.

MapUpgradeS.png Upgrade Terminal

An unused upgrade terminal.

Upgrade Terminals are identified on the map via a plus sign, or by a truncated black square when used. Upon entering the terminal in the center of the room, a player can choose from one of three upgrades.

If the player has the Plug cartridge and successfully hacks the terminal before entering, they will receive a choice between four upgrades instead.

MapVaultS.png Vaults

Kleines portrait1.png "Seen any of those Locked Doors? Old Vaults, have been locked up forever. A key is always bound to be somewhere around. Though, not always in plain sight."

Vaults are identified on the map via a keyhole icon. When a vault is present on the floor, a player will be able to find a key to unlock its door and gain entry. Within, players are guaranteed to find pickups, weapons, or both. The quality of the vault's contents ranges, but they tend to be of a relatively high quality. Only one Vault may generate per Floor.

If a Secret Room generates beside a Vault, entering the Vault from the secret room will not require a key.

Some Vaults generate without a corresponding key, and must be Hacked to open.

MapShortcutS.png Shortcuts

Shortcuts are rooms that can be opened up by using bombs. Unlike secret rooms, these are displayed on the map before being opened, and the walls leading into them have a cracked appearance.

The value of what can be found inside of these rooms varies greatly, ranging from enemies to powerful upgrades.

Shortcuts are identified on the map as a hollowed-out version of a normal room when unexplored, missing the green coloring in their center. Some special shortcuts have very specific or unique contents and are listed below, along with their special icon on the map.

MapMicrocoreS.png Deactivated Machine

Microcore awaiting the player's input...

These shortcuts contain a deactivated Microcore in their center. The player can activate it to start the the Microcore fight, or safely ignore it. Microcore has unique mechanics that dictate the rewards it will leave. Most deactivated machine Shortcuts have many destructible blocks, with a high chance for one to contain scrap.

MapTraderS.png Trader Room

Trader rooms are identified on the map via an icon resembling the mask of the Trader NPC. The Trader himself, found inside these rooms, will offer +2 Max Health, 10% Damage, or a Cartridge in exchange for the Player sacrificing 25% Max ammo.

When the player exits the room after declining his trade offer, he may no longer be found within the room upon re-entry.

MapReliquaryS.png Reliquaries

Reliquaries contain two shrines, resembling Council members, that offer a choice between two blessings based on which shrines are present in the room. Blessings grant the player a bonus effect that is permanent unless replaced by another blessing later on. The blessing pickups do not disappear if the player leaves the room. They can also be found in the Temple, along a rune marked path.

Each blessing is named after its representative Council member's preferred magical type.

Name Icon Description Notes
Blessing of Abyss
"All shortcuts are open to you"
While in combat, shortcuts still need to be opened by bombing. After combat, walls leading to shortcuts will automatically open. Does not open secret rooms.
Blessing of Frost
"Gain a shield now and on every new floor, when broken it chills enemies"
Every shield now has the described freezing effect upon breaking, including those not granted by the blessing. If the player already has a shield when entering a new floor, the new shield will be salvaged.
Blessing of Earth
"Shop items have 50% chance to restock"
The item restocked will not necessarily be the item that was initially bought; it is likely to be different. Works on all shop types except Gambling Halls.
Blessing of Enigma
"Access forgotten places"
An extra room is added to the current floor and all later floors that give the player a choice between 3 high tier Pickups, which can include Weapons, Cartridges, a special keyword stone with up to 7 options, and more. These are not shown on the map and must be bombed into. Unlike secret rooms, Enigma rooms can sometimes be revealed with the Scanner Upgrade.
Blessing of Flame
"Non-basic weapons deal more damage, but burn through more ammo"
Ammo runs out 50% faster, but weapons that consume ammo deal 25% more damage (additive).
Blessing of Sight
"Enemy bullets suffer unfortunate accidents"
An enemy bullet may, at a 1/8 chance, not fire.
Blessing of Storm
"Room clear rewards are doubled, but you can only pick one."
Notably, this has synergy with the Fortune upgrade and Magic Bag Cartridge. While Magic Bag is active, two identical sets of choices will be created.

MapDangerS.png Danger Rooms

Danger rooms replace normal rooms. They can be identified by the small exclamation mark in the top right corner of their room icon. While in a danger room, the player's loop is temporarily increased for the room by 2 + (.5 * the current loop number) and their damage is reduced (to 65% of current damage, rounded up to the next whole number). Danger Rooms have alarm lights on their inner doors, and are guaranteed to drop a Pickup.

MapArcadeS.png Arcades

Arcades are special rooms with terminals that can be hacked for various rewards. See Hacking for more details.

MapBreachstoneS.png Breachstones and Breaches

Once a run, on floors 1-5, a breach stone may spawn. It is distinguished on the map by its unique red color. Inside the Breach Stone room, there will be a large seal. Destroying it will do one of two things: it will either spawn two breaches (90% chance), or summon the Trespasser and create two opened shortcuts (10% chance).

Breaches are challenging rooms that reduce the player's damage (Player Damage / [1 + [.2 * Floor Number]]) and disable any picked up weapons while inside. The player will be forced to use their starting weapon, though this does not destroy any carried weapon. If the player was carrying a Cursed Weapon, the effects of the curse are also temporarily disabled.

Breaches generally contain floor 6 enemies and have guaranteed drops tied to that arrangement of enemies, usually tied to the challenge of that room, with breaches containing Mini-Bosses giving more than one.

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