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Monolith has a total of 14 weapons, each of them with their own unique properties and keywords. Eight of these weapons must be purchased from Kleines' shop in order to use in runs.

The default weapon as Null.

Four Weapons Spawned by the Weapon Crate

Default Weapons


The default weapon for Null, D-13, and Arena Blaster. The Peashooter is a rapid-fire single-shot weapon with infinite ammo. Unlike other weapons in the game, it cannot use keywords to enhance its properties. It can, however, be enhanced via the Reserves Upgrade. Whenever the player runs out of ammo for another weapon type, their weapon will automatically switch back to the Peashooter.

Charge Charge icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "The Charge weapon offers some unique advantages and disadvantages. You gotta wind it up first and it gets less accurate as it fires. Oh, but that burst potential is very high, especially at close range. Make a habit of entering rooms with it already primed."

As its name implies, the Charge weapon utilizes a charging mechanic that releases more bullets the longer it is charged, allowing the player to store up to 15 bullets. When fired, the bullets shoot out in a burst, like a shotgun.

  • Base Damage: 11
  • Base Max Ammo: 600
  • Shot Velocity: 10
  • Shot Delay: N/A
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Surge, Overcharge; Wider Spray, Charges Faster, Piercing, Shotgun Style, Phasing, Ricochet, Instant Hit, Swarming

Vulcan Vulcan icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "Vulcan is your vanilla gun. Point it at somebody you don't like, hold fire and lean back. Lotta Keywords for those things, too. Rarely two alike."

The Vulcan is essentially an upgraded version of the Peashooter, with the exception of having more damage and being able to obtain keywords.

  • Base Damage: 15
  • Base Max Ammo: 500
  • Shot Velocity: 10
  • Shot Delay: 8
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Gatling, High-Caliber; Align, Triple, Piercing, Ricochet, Split, Phasing, Burst, Homing, Chain Lightning, Instant Hit, Backshot, Swarming

Laser Laser icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "Laser is powerful, precise and most importantly, strikes instantly. Some focus is required. And it'll be hard to turn while firing. In a pinch, it's also excellent entertainment. *purr*"

The Laser is a weapon that fires in a straight line. Its rate of fire is notably low.

  • Base Damage: 115
  • Base Max Ammo: 70
  • Shot Velocity: N/A
  • Shot Delay: 40
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Crossbeam, Continuous; Pulsewaves, Charges Faster, Triple, Piercing, Ricochet, Phasing, Homing, Backblast

Fireball Fireball Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "Fireball is a high impact weapon. Ideal for when your enemy also has a lot of friends. Just don't get your fur singed, eh?"

The Fireball is a weapon which applies immediate area of effect damage when a target is hit, making it ideal for use against waves of smaller enemies.

  • Base Damage: 80
  • Base Max Ammo: 88
  • Shot Velocity: 6
  • Shot Delay: 50
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Shrapnel; Homing, Triple, Chain Lightning, Split, Shotgun Style, Backblast, Overheat

Revolver File:Revolver Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "It might surprise you, but I always had a knack for the Revolver. It's compact, precise, cool and deadly. Just like me. Try to keep track of your shots. Don't get caught with an empty barrel."

The Revolver fires from a six-bullet clip that must reload after being exhausted. Entering a room that has not been cleared automatically refills the clip.

  • Base Damage: 28
  • Base Max Ammo: 250
  • Shot Velocity: 9
  • Shot Delay: 8
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Twinshooter, Auto-hammer, Finale; Homing, Burst, Triple, Piercing, Shotgun Style, Ricochet, Chain Lightning, Split, Phasing, Swarming

Purchasable Weapons

The following weapons must be purchased from Kleines' shop before they will appear in runs.

Pulsar Pulsar icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "From what I can gather, Pulsar is an experimental piece of technology. It's rapid, powerful, but dissipates quickly once fired. Depending on the kind of keyword attached, they might be even more powerful and... volatile."

The Pulsar has a notably high rate of fire, but a very limited range.

  • Base Damage: 4
  • Base Max Ammo: 2000
  • Shot Velocity: 13
  • Shot Delay: 2
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Split, Align, Triple, Piercing, Homing, Wider Spray, Shotgun Style, Chain Lightning, Backshot, Swarming

Drill Drill icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "The Drill has been a useful tool, and turned out to be an ever so useful weapon. It has enough piercing power to bore straight through walls. As well, anything in its spiral is unlikely to get out on its own."

The Drill fires a large projectile that can penetrate obstacles and pierce enemies. If the player holds down the fire button, a drill will be deployed in front of them and held there. While the drill is deployed in this fashion, it will consume 2 ammo per second and apply contact damage to enemies.

  • Base Damage: 95
  • Base Max Ammo: 120
  • Shot Velocity: 4 upon firing, accelerates to 7
  • Shot Delay: 55
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Drag; Backblast, Homing, Backshot, Triple, Pulsewaves

Sword Sword Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "Ah, Sword. A classic weapon concept, practically age-proof. Functions from a range, but you really want to get a swing in to maximize that damage. And of course, you can always swat small bullets right out of the air."

The Sword is primarily a melee weapon that requires the player to get close to their target in order to inflict the most damage. Its range is indicated by a cone in front of the player. Most small bullets are able to be destroyed by swiping them with the sword. Despite being melee-oriented, it still fires a projectile with each slash.

  • Base Damage: 70
  • Base Max Ammo: 125
  • Shot Velocity: 0
  • Shot Delay: 32
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Heavy, Quick, Bloodlust, Knockback, Reflective, Lunge; Triple, Giant, Overheat, Pulsewaves

Railgun Railgun Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "Railgun requires a certain finesse to wield correctly. Angle, movement, timing... aimed perfectly, it will perforate any number of targets. Just be sure it's fully charged first. Half-measures get half-results."

The Railgun fires a high damage, fast-traveling beam capable of piercing any enemies it makes contact with. Its accuracy is dependent on how long the fire button is held before being released. If the maximum accuracy is reached while the button is still held, the shot will fire automatically.

  • Base Damage: 125
  • Base Max Ammo: 75
  • Shot Velocity: 3
  • Shot Delay: 60
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Homing, Backblast, Ricochet, Phasing, Charges Faster

Spear Spear Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "A well tossed Spear inflicts grievous wounds, dealing damage over time. It's a tad slow to get going, but the stopping power it offers is hard to match."

The Spear fires a shot that knocks enemies slightly backward and deals damage on contact as well as over a three-second period in which the spear remains embedded. Multiple spears may be fired into an enemy for maximum damage.

  • Base Damage: 40
  • Base Max Ammo: 150
  • Shot Velocity: 12
  • Shot Delay: 28
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Chain Lightning, Homing, Triple, Ricochet, Phasing, Align, Backshot, Instant Hit

Thunderhead Thunderhead Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "Thunderhead emits mobile areas of high electromagnetic forces. These are slow, but anything caught within will be rapidly uh... what's the word... annihilated?"

The Thunderhead fires a large projectile that damages enemies in its proximity via electricity that streams from it to them.

  • Base Damage: 25
  • Base Max Ammo: 100
  • Shot Velocity: 3
  • Shot Delay: 65
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Ricochet, Align, Phasing, Backblast, Charges Faster, Chain Lightning

Razor Razor Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "Razor is... unorthodox, to say the least. It offers a lot of offense and defense in equal measure. Weaker foes get shredded as they approach, larger ones not so much. Of course you can just launch them too."

Upon obtaining the Razor, multiple circular blades will appear around the player's ship. When fired, the blades will launch from the ship, piercing any targets encountered, and then return back to the ship. The blades must return back to the ship before they can be fired again. If enemies or destructible obstacles come in contact with the blades that are orbiting the player, they will take constant damage while they remain in contact. Contact damage also consumes ammo, but can be a highly effective means of dealing with certain stationary opponents and should not be overlooked.

  • Base Damage: 25
  • Base Max Ammo: 200
  • Shot Velocity: 8
  • Shot Delay: 2
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Chariot, Lance, Instant Recall, Ringshot, Shielded; Triple, Burst, Chain Lightning, Homing, Giant

Runic Runic Icon.png

Kleines portrait1.png "There is barely any official record of the Runic armament. My research tells me it was a precursor to some kind of extremely powerful weapon. But it was either never finished or kept hidden under an inordinate amount of wraps. I guess I will be frank. I don't know what it does. You'll have to see for yourself."

Obtaining this weapon plays the seal-breaking sound effect and manifests a runic ring around the player's ship which lasts for the lifetime of the weapon. Firing the weapon shoots a burst of homing bullets at enemies. The ring respects terrain, shrinking if the ship gets close to it and allowing shots to be fired more accurately.

  • Base Damage: 3
  • Base Max Ammo: 2000
  • Shot Velocity: 10
  • Shot Delay: 18
  • Non-Universal Keywords: Split, Homing, Chain Lightning, Ricochet, Phasing, Piercing, Instant Hit

Blessed Weapons

Some weapons found throughout the Facility or even in Weapon Troves will have Blessings attached to them. Blessed weapons will have a 10% Damage and a 20% ammo buff to the weapon. There is a chance that some shortcut and secret rooms will also have blessing fountains in them. Dipping a normal weapon in a blessing fountain will bless the weapon and give it the blessing attributes. The Artifact Upgrade will guarantee blessed weapons, with the exception of any Unique Weapons that may be created. You cannot bless a weapon twice, and the buff will end once the weapon is salvaged or runs out of ammo. Unique Weapons can also be blessed, with the exception of Excalibur, Corona, and Purifier (as they have the 'holy' keyword attached to them, and are already blessed).

Cursed Weapons

Some weapons found throughout the Facility have cursed keywords attached to them. Picking up a cursed weapon provides the player 2 HP and a permanent 5% damage up, but binds the weapon to the player until it is broken or blessed, preventing them from picking up any other weapons. Cursed weapons have unlimited ammo and will break after the player clears an unspecified number of rooms (more details below). Once the weapon is broken, its curse will no longer affect the player. If a player has access to a blessing fountain, they can use it to remove the curse, automatically blessing the weapon as well. Keyword stones are able to add keywords to the cursed weapon, though this does not affect the remaining amount of rooms the weapon has in any way.

If you pick up a cursed weapon with 0% ammo, despite how cursed weapons would normally work, they instantaneously break anyway, while still providing you the benefits you would normally get by picking it up.

If there are multiple cursed weapons that you can pick up in a room, you are able to pick up one, and before the weapon pick-up animation finishes, pick the other ones up to receive the benefits of both weapons (4 HP and 10% damage or more) while only having to deal with the effects of the final weapon that you pick up. This can theoretically be performed with as many cursed weapons as you can pick up within the pick-up animation. You are able to consistently do this as Arena Blaster with the Grim Idol active and the Capacity upgrade, as with 12 charges you can spawn 2 cursed weapons in one room.

When a cursed weapon is equipped, the game rolls 5D20 (five 20-sided dice), then averages the result and rounds them to the nearest integer, the game using that integer as the number of rooms you must clear before the weapon breaks. The probability distribution of the outcomes of this calculation follow a bell curve distribution, which peaks at the values 10 and 11 at about 15% each, though the probabilities of each individual room count a cursed weapon can have can be found below:

# of Rooms Probability
1 0.00065625%
2 0.02409375%
3 0.168625%
4 0.6295625%
5 1.69659375%
6 3.64971875%
7 6.48565625%
8 9.81378125%
9 12.85940625%
10 14.67190625%
11 14.67190625%
12 12.85940625%
13 9.81378125%
14 6.48565625%
15 3.64971875%
16 1.69659375%
17 0.6295625%
18 0.168625%
19 0.02409375%
20 0.00065625%

A list of the curses you can encounter and what their effects are can be found below:

Name Icon Description Notes
Curse of Chaos
CurseOfChaos.png "Turns into a random curse on pick-up"
Curse of Fatigue
CurseOfFatigue.png "Dash is weaker and recharges slower" The cooldown to dash is almost doubled and does not send the ship as far or as fast.
Curse of Haphephobia
CurseOfHaphephobia.png "Touching walls hurts" Touching walls deals 1 HP of damage to the player. This includes moving blocks.
Curse of Numbness
CurseOfNumbness.png "All healing reduced to 1 HP part" This includes increases to max health, HP parts, and healing from the Second Wind upgrade. Does not apply to the 2 HP gained when picking up the cursed weapon.
Curse of Pain
CurseOfPain.png "All damage taken is increased" Damage is increased by 1 for all enemy attacks.
Curse of Paranoia
CurseOfParanoia.png "You feel watched" An Insubstantial will occasionally spawn while in combat. This does not happen when fighting Bosses. There is a short time when you enter a room where an Insubstantial will not spawn if you clear the room within that window.
Curse of Stiffness
CurseOfStiffness.png "Aim restricted to 8 directions" The player can only shoot in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions. This currently is very buggy when combined with the Align keyword, and causes your fired attacks to fly in unpredictable directions.

Unique Weapons Described content requires Relics of the Past DLC

Unique weapons are rare weapons that have special effects to them. They often have better damage output, but less ammo. They are still tied to a normal weapon type. They can be found as a rare drop in some rooms, such as Vaults, and can be bought in some shops. Unique Weapons can never be cursed, nor can any additional keywords be added to them through a keyword stone.

There are currently 42 unique weapons total.

All Unique Weapons

Weapon Type
UnstableKeyword.png Unstable

PiercingKeyword.png Piercing

Shoots an atomic shot. Hit it with another normal shot and it will explode and deal heavy damage.
Shoots a blast of fireballs in front of the player (in a 90 degree angle). This attack has to be changed up for a few seconds and it can be charged before entering a room. The very last row of fireballs deal extra damage.
ShrapnelKeyword.png Shrapnel

OverheatKeyword.png Overheat

FreezeKeyword.png Freeze

Fires freezing charge shots that, when fully charged, create an ice shot that, on impact, splits into 12 smaller shots.
Crimson Lotus
HeavenPiercingKeyword.png Heaven-Piercing

SuperGalacticKeyword.png Super Galactic

After the player fires the weapon, a drill stays in front of them until all ammo is exhausted. The player is invincible for the duration of its use. To note, the weapon will stop firing if the player enters a Breach Room.
ExcavateKeyword.png Excavate Creates new rooms anywhere they can be created by drilling into the wall. This expends a significant amount of ammo. Also has phasing.
WallBreakerKeyword.png Wall-Breaker Destroys most tiles when being drilled, both when the player is holding the drill in front of them, or when a launched drill hits a wall. When holding the drill in front, the ashes of destroyed walls will surround it.
AllPierceKeyword.png All Pierce

GatlingKeyword.png Gatling

WiderSprayKeyword.png Wider Spray

Acts like a flamethrower. Sprays fire in front of the ship with mild inaccuracy.
HolyKeyword.png Holy Shoots a regular fireball, but when it hits an enemy, it shoots a laser forward. If it hits a wall, the laser will instead fire from the point of contact, similar to the Angel enemy. As this weapon has the Holy keyword, it will automatically spawn as a blessed weapon.
AllBlastKeyword.png All-Blast Shoots a normal fireball project that has an enhanced area-of-effect on impact that hits every enemy in the room.
AllPierceKeyword.png All Pierce

FreezeKeyword.png Freeze

OverheatKeyword.png Overheat

Fires lasers that pierce all enemies, freezing them in place, and leaving an overheat effect on points of impact.
TripleKeyword.png Triple

ContinuousKeyword.png Continuous

AllPierceKeyword.png All Pierce

When the fire button is held down, the triple lasers Luxor initially fires will converge into one massive laser with increased damage.
AllPierceKeyword.png All Pierce

ChainLightningKeyword.png Chain Lightning

ContinuousKeyword.png Continuous

Fires a continuous laser that links between enemies with lightning, hurting them over time.
AllPierceKeyword.png All Pierce

Phasing.png Phasing

TwinshooterKeyword.png Twinshooter

Shoots two pulsar waves in the form of a helix.
ShotgunStyleKeyword.png Shotgun Style

BackblastKeyword.png Backblast

ReflectiveKeyword.png Reflective

Fires shotgun blasts in all directions. Will destroy projectiles close to the player when fired.
RicochetKeyword.png Ricochet

EchoKeyword.png Echo

Shots that hit the wall will bounce and deal extra damage. The shots that fire from Soundwave can also bounce twice, dealing even more damage.
Gun With No Name
InstantHitKeyword.png Instant Hit

GatlingKeyword.png Gatling

HomingKeyword.png Homing

Enemies are locked onto while this gun is in use. The player can hold down the fire button to charge up to six shots. It can be released early to release fewer shots. The enemy has to be in line of sight while charging. If you go behind a wall, for example, the shots will be released, but likely won't hit the enemy. Enemies can be locked onto while they are in the background, but still can't be hit.
RemoteTriggerKeyword.png Remote Trigger

StickyBombsKeyword.png Sticky Bombs

Shoots five bombs that stick to enemies. The sixth shot will instead activate the explosions, then the gun reloads.
HunterKeyword.png Hunter

HomingKeyword.png Homing

Killing highlighted enemies (indicated by a yellow glow) will give the player a brief buff. This can be either speed, damage, or rate of fire. Hunted enemies take more damage.
Iron Fist
HighCaliberKeyword.png High-Caliber

KnockbackKeyword.png Knockback

Replaces the razors that circle around the player with two spiked balls. These deal heavy damage on impact. Fires slightly slower than regular razors and deals knockback to enemies that have been hit. Penetrates shields.
The Claw
Latches onto an enemy, dealing damage over time. This weapon can also be used to reduce the cost of items in shops, or even outright steal them if the cost is drained. This will expend ammo.
Delta is a triple razor with chain lightning linking each individual razor. When a razor is fired, the lightning extends outward with the shot.
OverheatKeyword.png Overheat

ShrapnelKeyword.png Shrapnel

KnockbackKeyword.png Knockback

Railgun with overheat that drags enemies along with its shot.
SharpshooterKeyword.png Sharpshooter

PiercingKeyword.png Piercing

Enemies have a weak spot in the middle of them. Shots that pass through this weak spot do significantly higher damage. These weak spots only appear when the player has this weapon.
Higher damage railgun with slower rate of fire.
Eternal Vigil
Instead of firing bullets, firing now causes eyes to emerge from the background which then attack enemies. These shots will attempt to attack the enemy that is closest to your cursor, or in the direction of your controller input.
Hand of the First
Changes into a different Unique Weapon after entering a new room. This weapon is a guaranteed permanent upgrade for Chaos Ship if you defeat Temple at any tier.
Council's Blessing
Puts a halo on enemies, dealing damage over time. While they are captured, they shoot vulcan shots at other enemies. Can also capture shields. No more than one enemy can be captured at the same time.
Grasp of Entropy
Locks onto enemies and steals their souls. Eventually, the player will gain increased HP (+2 MAX) and damage (+5%) as they collect more souls. Progress is indicated via the runes beginning to glow. This weapon can absorb runic attacks (such as The Machine's), which will also charge up the ability. When fully charged, this weapon will also release a blast of energy that acts as a bomb, defeating all enemies and opening up secret rooms or shortcuts.
AllPierceKeyword.png All Pierce

Phasing.png Phasing

HighCaliberKeyword.png High-Caliber

Behaves similar to a normal spear, but deals more damage and has less max ammo. Goes through all enemies and can go through walls.
Thousand Needles
WiderSprayKeyword.png Wider Spray

GatlingKeyword.png Gatling

Shoots many bullets rapidly, with mild inaccuracy.
HighCaliberKeyword.png High-Caliber

PinKeyword.png Pin

Fires projectiles that deal heavy knockback to enemies, pinning them to the wall if they collide with one, preventing movement.
Phantom Edge
The player's ship slashes a blade at imperceptible speeds. Slashes are indicated via swift grey lines appearing through enemies. This weapon can attack anywhere, but in exchange, it is the only sword weapon that cannot reflect bullets.
GiantKeyword.png Giant

HolyKeyword.png Holy

HomingKeyword.png Homing

Giant sword that when hitting release 4 small 'runes' that shoot with a laser-like attacks at enemies and then go away. As this weapon has the Holy keyword, it will automatically spawn as a blessed weapon.
PiercingKeyword.png Piercing

OverheatKeyword.png Overheat

ShrapnelKeyword.png Shrapnel

Long sword range with high fire damage.
Sacred Arms
A large sword and staff. The player controls the sword, which acts normally, while the staff acts independently, firing at enemies until the room is cleared. Both swords swings and laser attacks use ammo.
Edge of Reality
Charged by damaging enemies. Once charging is complete, it opens a tear into a starry void, which grabs enemies and deals massive damage to them over time.
HolyKeyword.png Holy

AllPierceKeyword.png All Pierce

Shoots Thunderhead orbs that shoot at enemies with a railgun-like laser from their core. This weapon travels slower than other non-unique Thunderhead weapons. As this weapon has the Holy keyword, it will automatically spawn as a blessed weapon.
Black Hole
Shoots big shots that suck in enemies (unless the enemy is stuck to the wall, like Crawlers). Slows down when it hits a target. Can go through walls.
ChariotKeyword.png Chariot

ChainLightningKeyword.png Chain Lightning

ContinuousKeyword.png Continuous

Once shot, it travels a short distance (about 1/3rd of the screen) and holding the fire button will put it in place until it hits an object. It moves with the player (though it does not have the Align keyword). To fire a second one, the player must release the fire button to dispel the previous shot, regardless of if it hits an object or not.
AlignKeyword.png Align

Phasing.png Phasing

AllPierceKeyword.png All-Pierce

Shots fire through the outermost walls of a room and travel towards the player.
White Death
InstantHitKeyword.png Instant Hit

HighCaliberKeyword.png High-Caliber

HitstreakKeyword.png Hitstreak

Fires instant vulcan shots. Fire rate increases with each successive hit on enemies without missing. Fire rate resets entirely when a shot is missed.
World's Largest Gun
HighCaliberKeyword.png High-Caliber

GiantKeyword.png Giant

RicochetKeyword.png Ricochet

PiercingKeyword.png Piercing

Shoots very large, massive damaging balls. Has little ammo, but a high damage output.


• If the player possesses the Plug Cartridge, weapon capsules can be hacked to provide greater weapon/utility options.

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