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There are several mechanics for the player to keep track of as they learn the ropes of navigating the Facility. Players who want to conquer every challenge that Star of Providence has to offer should start here!


Kleines portrait1.png "Try to keep your Multiplier high for the big money. It goes up while you're scrapping fools. And takes a hit when you do."
Multiplier at its maximum

The Multiplier is shown on the top-right corner of the screen, next to the minimap. It starts at a value of x1.0 and defeating enemies causes the multiplier to rise by +0.05 per every enemy that is capable of dropping debris, to a maximum multiplier of x3.0, with the enemy kill multiplier decreasing to +0.01 starting from x2.5 to x3.0. If the player has the Calculator cartridge, the multiplier rise when defeating enemies will double. Taking damage causes the multiplier to fall by 1. If damage is negated by the Autobomb Upgrade or the player has the Mining Hat cartridge, it will go down by .5 instead. If the player has both, their multiplier will go down by .2 when damaged. Hits taken while shielded will not reduce the multiplier.

On any Lethality above Mild, bombing will reduce the player's multiplier by x1.0 (i.e. x3.0 -> x2.0).

By design, the Multiplier rewards players for playing both skillfully and strategically, as it directly affects how much debris they receive.


Dashing is the player's only movement option outside of simply directing the ship normally. As the mechanic's name implies, it allows players to quickly move a short distance in the direction that the ship is facing. There is a slight cooldown between using dashes that can be reduced by obtaining the Rocket cartridge.

While often not required, dashing can be very useful in quickly dodging projectiles and especially useful in repositioning. Furthermore, the Blink upgrade turns it into an instant teleport with a slight moment of invincibility afterwards, which allows the player to dodge through simple obstacles unharmed, such as a thin wall of bullets.


Timelapse of Bombs being generated.

Bombs are used to destroy all bullets on-screen or to blow open walls that lead to shortcuts or secrets. By default, the player starts the game with two rechargeable bombs. When one of these bombs is used, it can be recharged by clearing enemies from three rooms. This recharge period can be reduced to two rooms if the player has the Battery cartridge. The players rechargeable bomb capacity can also be increased from two to three if they obtain the Extra Pow upgrade. At any point, the player can hold up to six bombs total.

In addition to normal bombs, there are several special bombs that produce an additional effect depending on their type.

The player's current bombs are displayed in the top-left region of the HUD. Normal bombs are indicated via their yellow color, and each special bomb has a different color associated with it. When a rechargeable bomb has been used and the player's current bomb count is less than their total rechargeable bomb count, an outline will be left in its place. This icon will gradually fill as the player clears rooms of enemies, until the bomb is recharged.

HP Parts

10 HP and 3 HP parts

HP parts, indicated by small hearts to the left of the player's numerical health values, are a resource (and occasionally, currency) that increase their max health if they possess a total of at least four. When the player's max health is increased, if the total HP parts resulting in the increase is greater than four, the remainder will carry over to the player's new HP part pool.

HP parts can be collected as a pickup, singularly or in a pair. If the player obtains a health pickup when their health is already full or that would cause their health to exceed the maximum value, the remainder of the health gained past their maximum will be converted to HP parts.

Attempting to increase one's maximum health via HP parts while playing on a non-Mild Lethality results instead in a shield being generated upon the player's ship.


Kleines portrait1.png "Feel like you're stuck with a weapon? Bomb in the map screen to scrap it. Just make sure there are no enemies around first."

While HP pickups that push the player past their maximum HP value becomes HP parts, other pickups will provide debris under similar circumstances. Since most pickups disappear after the player leaves the room, this allows them to still provide some benefit outside of their normal use.

Pickup Salvaging

There are several circumstances in which items will be salvaged for debris:

• If the player is equipped with the Peashooter or their current weapon is at full ammo, and they pick up a 20% ammo replenishing pickup.
• If the player is equipped with a shield and obtains another shield (unless from Ironheart).
• If the player has uncovered the entire map, excluding Breach Rooms, and picks up a map.
Only applies when playing as Arena Blaster If the player has full charge, and obtains a coffee pickup.
• Normal bombs are salvaged for scraps when the player is already holding six. Special bombs are never salvaged. Instead, if all of the player's bombs are special, picking up another special bomb will move it to the front of the bomb stock and push all other special bombs down the line, discarding that which previously held the last position. Special bombs are salvaged if the player already has six.

Weapon Salvaging

Weapons are salvaged instantly when picking up a new one, replenishing the players health by one and giving them some debris. The Salvage upgrade doubles these rewards. When the player salvages a weapon by pressing the Bomb button on the map screen, they will gain the same amount of scrap, but no health will be replenished. The player receives more scrap when salvaging a weapon based on its amount of remaining ammo.

The amount of scrap gained from salvaging weapons increases with each floor, as follows:
Floor 1: 500
Floor 2: 1500
Floor 3: 3500
Floor 4: 6000
Floor 5: 9500
Floor 6: 13000
Conduit Floor: 18000
Floor 7: 23500
These values are for salvaging a weapon at full ammo, without the Salvage upgrade. The Temple uses the same value as the floor it was entered from.

Key Salvaging

• If the player carries a key to a new floor, it will salvage for an amount equal to the base price of a key on the new floor.

• Completing the game while holding a key will also add to the player's score after defeating the final boss.

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Basic Mechanics